After the complaint of an 18-year-old girl against Lautaro Ordoñezthe prosecutor’s office of the 2nd Turn of Crimes against Sexual Integrity of Córdoba by decision of the prosecutor Ingrid Vago, accused of sexual abuse with access to the young man who starred in a violent episode on December 25 against two police officers.

The event would have occurred on February 24, 2020, when Ordoñez was 18 years old and the complainant was 16. The young woman filed the complaint after videos were released showing that the driver had dragged the injured police officers several meters. According to La Voz, the prosecutor also ordered him to avoid all kinds of contact and approach to the young woman who denounced him, among other measures.

Regarding the alleged fact of almost three years ago, Ordoñez sexually abused her during a meeting of friends in which a friend and another boy were also present. The young man and the complainant knew each other, but they did not have any kind of sentimental relationship. As the girl explained, he approached her without clothes in the lower part of her body and raped her in her own house.

The prosecutor in charge of the case also resolved the conducting psychological assessments the accused and the complainant. In the meantime, Ordoñez remains at large after spending a day at the UCA.