civil association Legitimate Justice spoke in favor of the proposal that the Income Tax scope to judges, prosecutors and court officialswhom he askedput aside all pettiness” so that they can “honor” their workplaces “to transform them into authentic support of the democratic, representative and federal system”.

Our position has always been in favor of tax equality, the rejection of all privileges“, he stated Legitimate Justice in a document entitled “Tax Equality”, in which they ask that the judges that they put down the resistance they undertook to continue avoiding paying the Tax on Profits.

In that sense, Legitimate Justice held that “judges, magistrates, officials and employees must pay the same taxes that any inhabitant of the country must pay” and leave behind the “privileges” currently held by members of the Power of attorney.

“The Justice Administration System should not be exempt from Profits under a questionable constitutional interpretation. Especially in these hours of anxiety. This would constitute a further disgrace to the already discredited Judicial Power“, remarked the non-profit association.

However, in Legitimate Justice clarified that this position regarding the payment of Profits by the judges It must be interpreted “without prejudice” to the criticisms made of the Argentine tax system, which they consider “that it should be fairer and more equitable.” “We call for reflection to all judges, magistrates, civil servants and workers to advance with the gradualness that allowed to inaugurate the incorporation of the tax to the Profits in 2017 and to put aside all pettiness”, exhorted Legitimate Justice.

In the same way, Legitimate Justice pointed out that paying Profitsthe judges “They will be able to honor that invaluable place of work that they hold, to transform it into a true support of the Argentine democratic, republican, representative and federal system.” A) Yes, Legitimate Justice expressed its position “before the debate that arose around the incorporation of an article in the opinion of the project of Budget 2023” to treat in the National Chamber of Deputies“for which jjudges, prosecutors and court officials will be reached by income tax“.

“We have warned that sectors of the Power of attorney have immediately expressed their categorical rejection of the payment of Profits. In 2017 progress was made by incorporating said tax into the new judges“, he claimed Legitimate Justice.

In this way, from Legitimate Justice They stressed that the group “was born with the task of reconciling the Justice Administration System with the citizenry, as the sole source of its legitimacy,” aspiring “to remove it from the discredit to which years of isolation had brought it.”

“For 10 years we have been sustaining this fight for a Power of attorney to do justice with social meaningwith democratic spirit