Leonardo Cositorto, CEO of Generación Zoe, was arrested by Interpol in the Dominican Republic, after being a fugitive for several weeks, while his partners and employees were arrested. The CEO is charged with illicit association and fraud.

Cositorto spent more than a month on the run, wanted by prosecutor Juliana Companys, who accuses him of almost 40 acts of fraud in Villa María, in a case in which his partner “Max” Batista and his accountant, Norman Próspero, are already in prison. The so-called “legal director” of the group, Héctor Luis Yrimia, is still a fugitive.

The investigators of the Interpol division of the Argentine Federal Police assured that they were able to find the whereabouts of the leader of Generación Zoe through comparisons of IP numbers and analysis of video content, which they obtained thanks to the numerous transmissions and reports that he made via zoom and through the YouTube platform.

According to reports, the Villa María case initiated after several complaints filed by affected savers who had invested in the organization led by Cositorto, is not the only cause for which the CEO is being investigated. Also the Federal Court No. 4 in charge of Ariel Lijo investigates Cositorto for money laundering.