Although the Princess of Asturias is not the first European heiress to go through a military academy, she will be the one who dedicates the most time to it, just like her father did.

Last Tuesday, March 14, the Defense Minister, Daisy Robles, indicated that the princess Eleanor, 17 years old and heiress to the Spanish throne, she will undergo three years of military training starting in August, a stage in which, unlike other heiresses, she will have to dedicate as much effort as her father, Felipe VI.

“As heir to the throne, she has constitutional functions, including the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, so military training is essential, as in all parliamentary monarchies”said Oak trees after a cabinet meeting. EleanorFelipe’s eldest daughter, will finish her two years of high school in a few months at the UWC Atlantic College of Wales and turns 18 in October. She is first in line of succession, unless a male heir is born, followed by her sister. Sofia.

His training period will begin in August at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, where she will join as a lady-cadet of the Land Army. The following year, he will begin training him in the Navy both on board the school ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano like in the Marin Naval Military Schoolwhile in 2025 it will be incorporated into the General Air Academy of San Javier to complete his third year at the Air and Space Army joining.

The princess will become the European heiress to have spent the most time as a student at her country’s military academies to date, as well as the first princess to spend as much time as her father.

“SS.MM. The Kings welcome this new formative stage of Princess Leonor with the satisfaction of knowing her will, interest and enthusiasm in receiving this training ”, indicated the statement of the royal house. “Princess Leonor knows the demands and sacrifices that military life entails and is well aware of the honor of training and serving alongside the men and women of our Armed Forces.”