Two “historic” members, Carlos López Puccio and Jorge Maronna, communicated the decision “not to continue.” Next Thursday the 12th the group will begin a series of performances at the Teatro Ópera in Buenos Aires.

After 55 years of successful career, the humorous-musical ensemble Les Luthiers unexpectedly announced its final farewell to the stage with the “Más tropiezos de Mastropiero” tour, a show that will premiere on January 12 at the Teatro Ópera from Buenos Aires.

The decision to say goodbye to the public was made by its two “historical” members, who have been part of the group since its creation in 1967: Carlos López Puccio and Jorge Maronna.

“This year I will be 77 years old, and Jorge 75. We feel very vital, and artistically we believe we are at our best moment; but as we approach 80 our muscles and joints anticipate that soon they will begin to present us with impediments”, said López Puccio.

“It will not be easy to conclude this wonderful work that we have enjoyed since we were very young, nor to say goodbye to the public that follows and supports us, but Mastropiero deserves to rest after so many years of adventures”, adds Maronna.

Les Luthiers will start their Farewell Tour with the premiere, in Buenos Aires, of More setbacks by Mastropiero, a corollary to the long history of Les Luthiers and, at the same time, praise for the career of the famous composer. It constitutes, due to the design of the story and the novel contribution of the virtues of the 2019 cast, a kind of synthesis between tradition and modernity

The premiere will take place at the Opera Theater on January 12, and it will be presented there every weekend during the summer season. The tour will continue, throughout this year, through several countries -among others, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and Spain- as well as through numerous cities in Argentina.