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Les Luthiers returns to Cordoba

Les Luthiers will perform at Plaza de la Música on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 July. As officially reported, the 2019 cast of the legendary humorous-musical band will present its show “Gran Reserva”, an anthology that brings together some of the greatest hits of its 55-year history.

This offer brings together titles such as The Ballad of the 7th Regiment, San Ictícola de los Peces, Family Entertainment, Nostalgia Hour, Whoever knew María would love María, the bolero Forgive her, Music and Customs of Makanoa Island and Rhapsody in Balls , among others.

The humorous musical band will present its show “Gran Reserva”, which is an anthology of greatest hits.

Tickets are on sale at Record Stores Edén (Obispo Trejo 15) and at at these prices: $3,920, $5,600, $6,500, $7,280, $8,960, $11,200 and $33,600 (with service charge included).

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