For almost two weeks, the former director of the Maternal Neonatal Hospital, Liliana Asís, remains incarcerated and with expanded charges. He is charged with the crimes of “aggravated concealment” and “omission of the duties of a public official” within the framework of the case that investigates the deaths of at least five babies in the aforementioned hospital, and another 8 attempted homicides.

Now, Assisi testified for the first time in the case. His defense attorney Franco Vitozzi, in dialogue with El Doce, pointed out that he made a “brief“exposure on the facts of which she is accused, and is waiting to expand her statement in the next 15 days.

In addition, it was indicated that the doctor refused to answer questions from the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Raúl Garzón, after he was notified of the change in charges.

For the moment, Garzón denied the possibility of granting him house arrest. The prosecutor can, in any case, resolve to allow the benefit to the defendant who is over 70 years of age. Vitozzi pointed out that Assisi is located “bad and distressed in a context of confinement”. It was also learned that he did not mention the former Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, and that he explained the facts “from your point” of sight.

Asís must answer for the concealment of his cell phone, which had a double reset (it appeared in a raid); for the telephone conversations with Cardozo after the raids on his home; for failing to fulfill his duties (not starting internal investigations upon learning of the deaths); and for endorsing the issuance of death certificates with false data and not reporting to the Justice, despite being notified of the deaths of babies.

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