Lindsay Lohan shared this Tuesday through her social networks that she is pregnant by her partner Bader Shammas. The famous Hollywood actress surprised her millions of followers with an emotional photo and message where she gave the scoop and the first details of who her firstborn will be.

“We feel blessed and excited”, has written in a post on his Instagram account, in which he has more than 12.4 million followers, along with a bodysuit baby white where you read “Coming soon…”which translates as “soon”. The protagonist of film classics such as Mean Girls, Twins Game, Crazy Friday, among others He announced the upcoming arrival of his first child, adding the first impression he had with his partner about the news and how he wanted his audience to find out about it.

They have36, got engaged at the end of November 2021 and married in a secret wedding in the summer of 2022 of which hardly any details emerged, until she announced on her networks that the Kuwaiti banker Bader S. Shammas he was already her husband.