Representatives of the Córdoba Warehouse Center received louis schenone and Jose Aiassapresidents of Grupo Showsport and Canal C Argentina respectively, to congratulate them on the successful expansion of the Channel C signalreaching through the signal 539 of Flow to the entire Argentine Republic, and adding to the television primer of the neighboring country Uruguay.

The general director, German Romeroin the company of the General ManagerVanessa Ruiz, and the members of the Board of Directors, Silvia Romani and Enrique Yubran, They shared a meeting on the day of the date with the objective of thanking the constant support and dissemination that is given to their reports and statistics, of vital importance for the economic data of Córdoba.

It should be remembered that days ago, the Warehouse Center itself had made its greeting public for the 18th anniversary of the birth of Canal C, where they stood out “the impeccable work and professionalism. Local proposals and voices integrated into daily reality, with a deep and independent look”.

On this occasion, mention was also made of the task of Grupo Showsport in improving every day the scope and quality of the multimedia that is made up of Radio Showsport, Canal Showsport, Radio Rivadavia Córdoba, Rock and Pop Córdoba and Canal C Argentina.