The Cosquin Festival is living all its moons to pure dance, typical foods and folklore. This Tuesday Lito Vitale arrives and louis salinaswho promise to joyfully open a new night of Argentine tradition.

Hector Facundo Vitalebetter known as Lito Vitale the famous Argentinian composer and multi-instrumentalist plans to make a name for himself on the Cosquín Folclore stage. Together with his partner, Luis Salinas, they will perform a duet. They will also have the presence of a special guest: Juan Salinas, with whom they hope to be able to give away a magical night for all Cordoba.

“We will do Argentine instrumental music, I calculate that it is something particular in the festival’s programming. I hope everyone enjoys it,” said the artist.

On the other hand, he advanced some objectives that he has for his near future in his career. Among them I mention “a big project” that will be announced in the middle of the year.