In recent days, in the political sphere, there has been talk about the rapprochement they have had in recent times. Martin Llaryora with the mayor of Villa María, Martin Gill. In this context, Gill spoke exclusively with BDN and referred to the possibilities that exist to reach an agreement for the creation of a new electoral space with the mayor of Córdoba.

“In the framework of the festival, the mayor of Córdoba, a long-time friend, visited us. I have had to share many things with him, mainly when I was rector of the National University and the mayor of San Francisco,” the president began.

“We have a space of mayors who come from various sectors and for two years we began to work together with the intention of being protagonists of the time that comes in Córdoba,” said Gill. While he confirmed that it was in that same framework that held a dialogue with the current mayor of Córdoba to generate a much broader “electoral and programmatic” alliance.

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“With that objective we are talking to each other and we will see where these dialogues arrive. Hopefully we can materialize this“, he sentenced. “The Córdoba of the interior has to be the protagonist of assuming an agenda on everything that has been done and what is missing.”

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