In a recent interview for Canal C, Martín Llaryora, governor-elect of Córdoba, expressed his calm and satisfaction after the confirmation of his victory in the elections. Llarora stated: “I am calm because I told all the neighbors that when time passed they would realize who was lying and who was telling the truth”. The governor-elect promised to continue working hard to improve the city in terms of education, as well as to continue promoting works and improving services.

In addition, Llaryora called on the residents to support Daniel Passerini as mayor of Córdoba, highlighting the importance of teamwork and highlighting the achievements obtained in the city during his management as a team. “We have been able to do many things in the city because we work as a team”he claimed.

For his part, Daniel Passerini, candidate for mayor of Córdoba for the same political party, joined the interview, highlighting the desire to improve the city and his commitment to the growth of Córdoba. Passerini emphasized: “Our only interest is that the people of Córdoba continue to make this city grow”emphasizing the transformation of the municipality as a driving force of progress.

The candidate for mayor highlighted the work carried out in conjunction with Martín Llaryora during his previous administration, affirming that the city has regained hope and that now, with Llaryora as governor, a greater boost is expected to the private sector, universities, schools and all sectors of the city.

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