After the survey that was released this weekend, carried out by Together for Change, where the protagonists were Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo, to find out who is in the best position for the upcoming elections on June 25, the political sphere gave its opinion.

The outcome of the study was defined as “technical tie” and hours later, De Loredo posted a video on his Instagram account announcing his resignation from the candidacy, leaving the place to Judge.

Martín Llaryora, current mayor of the city of Córdoba and candidate of the ruling party, said that the survey was a meme and that Argentina laughed at it”, “I did not know if they were going to have a tiebreaker or how they were going to do it”.

In addition, he criticized Juntos por el Cambio for the way in which they decided who their next candidate would be, laughingly saying: “it was a widget.”