Mayor Martín Llaryora, and candidate for governor for Hacemos por Córdoba, gave an interview to Política Córdoba Verdad, where he left some definitions and cleared up doubts about the electoral scenario, especially with regard to the municipal sphere.

When questioned about how the fight between Miguel Siciliano and Daniel Passerini would be defined, the current mayor of the city of Córdoba and candidate for governor for Hacemos por Córdoba expressed: “The candidate for mayor is Daniel Passerini. He will have to choose the vice-president.” .

“How to govern the city?” the mayor asked rhetorically, to continue: “from the Municipality, working together with the Province.”

This “virtuous process,” according to Llaryora, referring to the work dynamics between the municipality and the government, made the “city improve” and emerge from the “mess that Together for Change had made in the city.”

Regarding Siciliano, Llaryora said that he was “someone very important”, but clarified that there were “a lot of names more” than the Secretary of Government.

In this way, Llaryora seems to have put an end to the race that was run in the Capital and in which several names were measured in search of being “the” candidate.

In recent days, it became known, for example, that councilor Diego Casado had given up his intention to be a candidate; something that, it transpired, would also do Marcelo Rodio, Secretary of Transportation of the city.