The current candidate for governor of Hacemos Juntos por Córdoba, Martín Llaryora was present in the city of Laboulaye, where he attended the activities of the 41st anniversary of the baptism of fire of the Argentine Air Force in the Malvinas war

There, he recalled that since the return to democracy to date, no governor of the Province has reached the highest magistracy having begun his political career in the deep interior, thus justifying his federal gaze to continue carrying out works in all corners of Cordoba territory: “I will be the first governor who has already managed in the interior,” he said, alluding to his time at the San Francisco mayor’s office. “And this allows me to guarantee all the mayors the federal perspective that my government will have, because I know the needs that each one has and the importance for a mayor that the provincial government listens to him and accompanies him” .

llaryora added “It is in our DNA to carry out works throughout the provincial territory, De la Sota and Schiaretti demonstrated this and in my administration we are going to deepen this look into the deep interior of the Province.”

In addition, the pro-government candidate ratified his alliance with the countryside, at the same time that he promised with the agro-industrial sector to continue fighting to remove the withholdings that he described as a “terrible tax”, where Córdoba contributes 3.6 billion dollars. “The National government must screw up the countryside, which is the engine of our country. From the Province we will continue to accompany our producers and farmers to encourage investment and deepen the industrialization of food”, he said.

Regarding his government, the candidate affirmed that It will have the imprint of innovation and the development of new technologies, with disruptive policies in education and health, as well as advancing in the connectivity of the entire Province.

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In this sense, considered very important the contribution of the main gas and fiber optic network that the Schiaretti management has been executing. “Digital transformation is key, companies and the public sector have to have a common look at innovation and technological development. Those provinces that are prepared before in this matter and develop artificial intelligence will be at the forefront of growth, ”he said.

Llaryora maintained that in his administration Córdoba will go towards the so-called reforms of “second generation”with environmental perspective and with the focus placed on the circular economy, on the knowledge economy. And an example of this, explained “It is the authorization of the new renewable energy generation system from biogas, located in the Bajo Grande sewage treatment plant.”

“We, with intelligence and capacity for innovation, will have to apply policies that are up to the circumstances; my management will have new, creative and innovative ideas, thinking about the needs of the future, but without changing the axis that the provincial government has carried out up to now”, he concluded.

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