Martín Llaryora, mayor of the city of Córdoba, led an event that was held at the Hotel Quórum and where mayors, community leaders and candidates from 26 Cordoba departments presented themselves. In addition, the governor, Juan Schiaretti, more legislators and provincial officials and the municipality of Córdoba were present at the work day.

The meeting served to set the strategy in the territories for the upcoming elections. It is about, in the words of the organization, “building a new moment with the strength of the interior, sustained by the territorial leaderships whose militancy, which is unstoppable, has always ensured our political and electoral success.”

There Llaryora dedicated a few words of thanks “Thank you Juan, and thank you José, because you not only have to gain power, but also know what to do with it. And there is no doubt that Hacemos por Córdoba put it at the service of transformation, innovation, institutionality, and fundamentally, respect for the social rights of all”.

Under the concept “the strength of the interior always guaranteed the triumphs” of Hacemos por Córdoba and close to the elections on June 25, the candidate for governor expressed “Córdoba is the province that is structurally best prepared to enter the labor, productive, academic and social future in the country. To receive investments, to be the headquarters of the industries of the future, to offer all its territory and place itself at the service of the progress that comes; in every corner there is gas, internet, routes, as well as men and women prepared by our universities to give answers to the world”.

It was also stressed that in the next shift on June 25, “Hacemos por Córdoba will have for the first time the contribution of a different political reality in the Capital, with high accompaniment to a man who comes from that same interior and who in these years transformed the city of Córdoba, as is the current mayor Martín Llaryora ” .