Coverage by Juliana Morales

After the national blackout that took place this Wednesday afternoon, due to which the inauguration of the ordinary sessions of the Deliberative Council of the Capital was suspended, Mayor Martín Llaryora gave his speech this Thursday after 8:30 p.m.

The event took place at the Operative Center number 10 in Córdoba, which recently opened its doors and is the largest in the city. The opening of Sessions had a special detail: it was the mayor’s last speech, within the framework of his management. In his words he added promises and announcements about investments, inaugurations and reforms in the city.

After a few words of thanks from Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini and an emotional start singing the stanzas of the Argentine national anthem, Llarryora began his speech.

A place for the Deliberative Council

“I come to comply with the obligation to open the session of the Deliberative Council, I also come to render accounts to the people of Córdoba for the actions we did and to draw the lines for the future Government”, Martin LLaryora began his speech. “I hope to be the last of the mayors to choose places at random for this important legislative act, one of the most important in the city. Córdoba deserves that the legislative body have its own home,” he said, bursting into a shout. He also valued the authorization of the tenth Operational Center of his management in the area of ​​the CPC Colón, from where he directs his message.

“We resumed the path traced by that great mayor that was Rubén Américo Martí and that was later abandoned for decades. This idea is none other than to bring the municipality closer to the people through a strong decentralization process. Each Operational Center means that the municipality reaches the neighborhood, reaches the people and the solutions are closer, ”said Llaryora, referring to the former radical mayor whom he claimed in each of his speeches before the Council. He asked for a round of applause for Martí and received an ovation.

An alliance with the provincial power

“Today I want to especially thank a friend, a friend of all Cordovans, a resident of the city: our beloved governor Juan Schiaretti. We united the two teams, the provincial and the municipal. The fight to have a government was put aside provincial and municipal that pulls to the same side, a municipal and provincial government that today is understood by heart. When the mayor and the governor understand each other, progress comes”he said forcefully.

“Thanks to that, progress in Córdoba has become daily. It is impossible to improve in three years what was not done in Twenty. But now the neighbors do know that the municipality is not an anchor, it is an engine. What we did was remove it of darkness, of lack of planning,” he added

govern with neighbors

Llaryora valued the neighborhood leaders and stressed that more than 300 neighborhood centers elected their authorities in neighborhood elections where more than 68,000 Cordovans participated.

“This is a government that is not afraid of the neighbor’s participation. There is no need to be afraid of criticism. It is precisely the neighborhood leader who helps the mayor to solve problems that no one will understand better than those who live all year in the neighborhood. One thing is to govern for the neighbors and another very different is to govern with the neighbors. And when we assumed the government of the Municipality with Daniel Passerini, we have decided to govern with the neighbors. And for that, there is no other way than do it with their representatives. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to them we were able to take works to every corner of the city.”

In this context, the Mayor announced the elevation to 800 million pesos of the item for works carried out by neighborhood centers.

Education and environment

“In terms of education, we have made a historic investment, perhaps the largest since the construction of the municipal schools themselves. That is important. But more important is that we advanced in an Educational Reform that involved all sectors and that allowed us to take the application of the PIEnsA Program to the entire Municipal Educational System”, he pointed out.

At this point, he deepened that said program “means more hours for the children in class, it intensifies knowledge in the field of science, languages, the arts, it is adding teachings through digital education, providing children with the access to critical and creative thinking and, of course, computational thinking in keeping with the times we live in”.

Then, he revealed that, with the intention of “continuing to innovate”, they are going to create the first Municipal Center for Educational Innovation and Technology.

On the other hand, regarding the environment, the mayor announced the construction of the Rubén Américo Martí Environmental Pole. This includes the headquarters of the IPA and ITEC environmental institutes, the expansion of the Botanical Garden and Universidad Libre del Ambiente park with a beautiful viewpoint of the Suquía River.

“A State committed to environmental policies through the creation of superblocks, the promotion of recycling actions, the circular economy, the recovery of its green spaces, the Suquía waterfront, the Biodiversity Park, of the creation of Transfer Centers, Eco Points and many other initiatives,” said

cordoba standing

To finish, the mayor spoke directly to the neighbors: “Dear neighbors, know that I have put everything. know that I will continue putting everything, everything that needs to be put so that Córdoba continues on the path of progress ”.

He also recalled that we are in an electoral year but assured that this “does not change at all” the “intensity of work.” “I fulfilled the commitment that I made when they voted me mayor, which was to put Córdoba on its feet and today Córdoba is on its feet,” said Martín Llaryora while assuring that the City “march and walk” and “will never go back” .