This weekend there was a lot of controversy surrounding the closure of lists for the elections in Córdoba. Both in the ruling party and in the opposition there were disagreements and anger for the assembly of formulas and in that sense, Martín Llaryora pointed against Together for Change.

The candidate for governor of the province was in the program day 7 and expressed: “It is the same thing that happened with the Alliance, with De la Rúa and Chacho Álvarez: they wanted to unite something that was impossible and that is how it ended. If you don’t agree with a list, do you imagine yourself ruling? These statements arise from the fact that several leaders opposed Marcos Carasso accompanying Luis Juez.

In the early hours of Saturday and after defining the lists, Peter Dellarossa he withdrew his candidacy. Along the same lines, he added: “The parties behind this coalition (Together for Change) could not stand it and that is why there is a flight of leaders, of mayors, because clearly there are two coalitions. It is difficult to agree when there are no clear objectives”.

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