This Sunday, June 11, the candidate for governor of We make United for Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, promised to make strong progress in infrastructure works and measures that will promote investments throughout the arc formed by the departments Pocho, Minas, Ischilín and Cruz del Axis. Campaign Sunday in San Carlos Minas, Salsacate, Cruz del Eje and Totoral.

llaryora affirmed that in his government he will advance towards the integration of the entire northwest province through a new tourist corridor, in a measure aimed at favoring and promoting the development of the works and the economic growth of that region of Córdoba.

“My political decision is to create a new ‘valley’ that integrates the departments of Pocho, Minas, Cruz del Eje and Ischilín. And that there we put a lot of money in infrastructure to extend natural gas, connectivity and measures so that private companies come to invest. With investment and infrastructure, jobs are generated” assured.

The candidate of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba proposed to carry out in his government “a productive plan with special deferrals and a special production law for the establishment of companies, industries and the promotion of tourism” in these four departments.

Martin assured “It will be profitable to come and invest in this region of Córdoba”, because as governor he will offer tax exemption promotions and other promotion measures for those who want to build cabins and lodgings. Investors, he explained, will be able to use funds for these purposes that otherwiseIn a way, they should dedicate to the payment of Gross Income, “so that with that money, instead of paying it in taxes, they come and build”.

Martín Llaryora was accompanied by the candidates for legislator for Pocho, Jorge “Pato” Heredia and Patricia Cuello, for Minas, Cristian Frías and Miriam Cuenca, for legislator Graciela Manzanares, the candidate for mayor of San Carlos Minas, Lucas Díaz and the former legislator Hugo Cuello.

On the other hand, he assured that in the town of Cruz del Eje, he will implement measures so that the Provincial University of Córdoba “brings more careers” and consolidating the Educational Pole of the city. He also promised the completion of Route 15 and a provincial investment “to improve water management, so that these waters are more effective, for environmental reasons and to increase production.”

In Villa del Totoral, Llaryora guaranteed that his government will help the current mayor and candidate for re-election, Alberto “Bepi” Alaluf, in the creation of an Industrial Park for the town, which will be among the more than 40 production facilities of this type that the man from Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba promised to create in his management.