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Loans of up to $400,000 pesos for retirees announced: How to access?

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaand the executive director of ANSES, Fernanda Raverta, jointly announced new ANSES Credits of up to 400 thousand pesos for retireesand in the case of pensionerswill have a cap of 150 thousand pesos. with a Current Nominal Rate (TNA) of 29%. The amounts will be returned according to the beneficiary’s option in 24, 36 or 48 installments.

The annual rate of 29% is the lowest in the market, also taking into account an estimated annual inflation of 142.4% for 2023, 105% for 2024 and 54.8% for 2025, according to the Survey of Market Expectations published by the BCRA last Friday. It is worth mentioning that the beneficiaries will not be able to buy dollars in the official market.

The new line involves a monthly investment of 50 billion pesos. Massa explained that the measure arose after the debt exchange in dollars in the hands of the public sector, which made the Anses Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) cede its titles in foreign currency in exchange for bonds in pesos. “When in March we decided to redo the FGS portfolio, they said that we were going to lose money, and an opinion from the UBA that said that in reality we were going to earn money. (That portfolio) was worth 35 billion dollars, today it is worth 60 billion dollars and that is a support for the system to protect our retirees”, said.

When does registration start? The registration to have these credits will begin tomorrow and must be done with prior shift at the Anses offices. The agency reported that it will also open its doors on saturdays to speed up the start of the process.

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At the ANSES headquarters and in the presence of older people, whom Raverta welcomed, emphasizing that “We have a lot of empathy for you retired men and women from Argentina”, the Unión por la Patria candidate valued the meaning of credits to boost consumption and sustain the economy. “The retiree does not make Cash with Liquid, future dollar, nor does he trade in shares. The retiree consumes and moves the internal market when he buys a gift, goes to the supermarket, fixes his house”said the minister.

Within the electoral speech, Massa recognized “that the context is difficult and that we have problems to solve.” “We are not ignoring them, we are constantly working to solve the problems. Know that we are moving forward, we have the firmness, the courage and the will to build that Argentina that respects and gives quality of life to the elderly, with medicines, with health care, access to credit with Previaje, with supplements and bonuses when retirement loses against inflation, because it is a way of recognizing all those who worked all their lives”he claimed.

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