Chano He appeared in the first of Lollapalooza Argentina 2023. After a recent hospitalization, the musician returned to his audience with an unexpected surprise: the return of Tan Biónica after having stopped playing in 2016.

The rumor had been running since early in the San Isidro Hippodrome, but nobody wanted to get too excited, a common practice of mega-festivals. But without promising, Chano complied and gave “a magical night” of so bionicmixed with the best songs from his solo repertoire.

The singer went up at 8:00 p.m. and began to prepare the ground with “Prayer to the Sun”, and got the whole racetrack dancing. After an electrofolk block “Carnavalintro” and “Naistumichu”, the lights and decibels went down, but not the emotions. It was the moment of intimacy with “Claramente”, with a Creole guitar on his shoulder, cell phones in hand and an endless chorus of his fans. And finally, Charpentier left the stage and for five minutes and that was the moment where images of Tan Biónica could be seen on the screens, while great expectations were generated among those present until the quartet entered the scene. with their typical Beatles-style jacket wardrobe and performed “Magic City”, while Chano urged his audience to enjoy like never before: “To see the biggest pogo at Lollapalooza.”

The battery of hits continued with “Ella” with an industrial rock start and the feat of the crowd. Later, he asked to light up the sky with cell phones for the “national anthem of desolation”, the way he chose to present “Obsessionario en A major” which ended at the edge of the catwalk, as the great master of ceremonies, and kneeling, with the clenched fist and open heart.

“Up the nostalgic hearts of the bionic kid,” he asked for another of the group’s classics. “The melody of God” The end was pure emotion. Chano hugged his brother, they toured the stage together and announced a farewell concert in Buenos Aires. “The one we owed ourselves,” he justified himself, although no one had asked him to.

“All you need is love” sounded as a coda in the background while Chano distributed kisses and hearts and received the unconditional love of his audience. The tears of her brother Bambi next to her and the huge smile of her mother Marina in the audience crowned the moment. A family and musical encounter, with thousands of souls as witnesses.