Week after week, the Córdoba Cultura Agency proposes a varied list of activities to enjoy in theaters, museums and other provincial cultural spaces.

Face-to-face activities are carried out considering the necessary protocols; those in virtual format can be followed through YouTube: CulturaCBA.

On Thursday the 6th at 8:00 p.m. three new exhibitions will be inaugurated at the Casa de la Cultura in Río Cuarto with free admission. On the one hand, Poems to look at with poems by Diego Formía and an exhibition by Marcelo Babini, Alejandra Barroto, Patricia Bertazzo, Gabriel Conti, Mario Gallo, Cecilia Mántaras, Licia Montesanto, Paco Rodríguez Ortega and María Elena Togni. Diego Formía is a poet from the city of Río Cuarto, and when a visual artist requested a text to accompany his exhibition in a gallery in the city of Córdoba, he took the impulse to look for poems previously written for other artists from the city under the same circumstances. On the other hand, he inaugurates These Days by Lucas Aime, which began as an eight-page comic that was left unfinished. Starting from the idea of ​​finishing it, the artist proposes an action in the exhibition space that consists of setting up a workplace and a recording room with the aim of finishing the comic, and finishing the action after a work schedule during the time the duration of the exhibition. Finally, in the Treasure Room, a painting and an ink drawing by the artist Hugo Bastos belonging to the Río Cuarto Municipal Museum will be exhibited. The samples can be seen until November 6.

On Thursday 6 at 9:00 p.m. in the Society of Jesus, the Chamber Choir of the Province takes the stage with a Tribute to Guillermo Pellicer with free admission. The repertoire brings together works that Guillermo Pellicer directed in the group: O magnum mysterium by Morten Lauridsen, Miedo by Carlos Guastavino, one of the three lullabies with poetry by Gabriela Mistral, Song from far away by César Isella arranged by Hugo de la Vega and Margoton, from the series Chansons françaises, among others. The direction will be shared between members of the choir and the teacher Gustavo Maldino.

On Sunday 9 at 9:00 p.m., the Museum of Natural Sciences invites a new edition of the cycle Lunatics in Science: Astroworkshop. This activity, with free tickets through autoentrada.com with limited quotas, proposes to marvel at the moon observing it from the museum’s 300mm Newtonian telescope while talking about this captivating and inspiring natural satellite. On this occasion, the invitation is to contemplate the full moon. IMPORTANT: It is suspended in case of impossibility of observation due to clouds.

These are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed, the complete grid, here.