They have been married for almost six decades, and due to an illness, he -86- has been taking care of her -86- for fifteen years.

The granddaughter of an elderly couple touched the networks with a sweet video of her grandparents. He, 86, takes care of his 82-year-old wife, who for 15 years has been going through an illness that is causing her to lose herself little by little. The memories of her, the faces of her loved ones, and everything that ever made her happy.

The devoted husband, according to Catalina in a video posted on her TikTok account (, gets ready for his beloved every day of his life: “My grandfather gets cute every morning to visit my grandmother in her room“begins the video that shows the man combing his hair in front of a mirror. After saying that they have been married for 59 years, he continues: “Life played a trick on them and my grandmother got sick more than 15 years ago.”

“Do you remember me?” he asks her, who is lying on a bed and doesn’t take her eyes off him. “Should I bend down for you to give me a little kiss?he asks her, and she opens her eyes and says yes.

Moved, Catalina writes: “This is her routine every day, without fail. We are convinced that it is what keeps her here with us. If you ask me what love is, I tell you ‘look at my grandparents’. That look that says everything no need to say anything.”

“Honey, don’t stop looking at me, huh?” It was the phrase that melted everyone on social networks. The comments on the video, which already has millions of views, highlight the love between the couple. “‘Don’t stop looking at me’, I broke down”, “The look never lies”, “God, if you don’t send me something like that, I don’t want anything”, “Share a picture of them when they were young, I need to appreciate life”, “He asks permission to approach! So much respect and affection in one video”are some of the comments of the publication.