This Tuesday, the Gendarmerie carried out an operation in the Monte 3 Artillery Group in Paso de los Libres, Corrientes, where the incident occurred.

The objective was to collect evidence for the investigation by prosecutor Fabián Martínez. According to judicial sources, the procedure focused on the search for filming of the place and copies of the guard books.

For the death of Chirino there are 11 officers denounced for abuse of authority, breach of the duties of a public official and abandonment of person. The prosecutor seeks to determine the degree of responsibility each one had in the crimes investigated.

Martínez has in his hands chats of the victim with his superiors before the fact, testimonies such as that of the nurse who worked on his care and the result of the autopsy, among other skills. The result of the blood dosage is also expected this week to determine, for example, the degree of alcohol in the victim’s body, among other elements.