The National Deputy Ricardo López Murphy requested through his account Twitter the resignation of Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero. The reason is the embarrassing situation that occurred in the Argentine Foreign Ministry when they received the new Swiss ambassador in our country with Danish flags.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry received the credentials of the Swiss ambassador in Buenos Aires, Hans-Ruedi Bortis. What should have been a protocol event without major political significance had public repercussions due to a diplomatic error. During the ceremony, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confused the national insignia. Although this tragicomic event occurred on July 20, it recently triggered the new reproach of the opposition of Together for Change.

López Murphy blamed the Cafiero for the error and asked for his resignation. He also recalled Cafiero’s stumble during a speech in English in the Middle East.

“That the Foreign Minister does not speak English is a piece of paper, but that he receives the Swiss Ambassador with the Danish flag is an unacceptable lack of respect,” López Murphy commented on the social network.