The Municipality of Córdoba, through the Ministry of Culture and Youth, will carry out a new edition of Córdoba in Autumn, the cycle that runs through the city of Córdoba to bring music to the neighborhoods.

On this occasion, the event arrives in the Las Palmas neighborhood, this Sunday, May 15, starting at 3:00 p.m., outdoors and freely. The stage will be located on the property in front of Club Las Palmas, on the corner of Juan García Martínez and Yavi.

The show will be headed by a great of the quartet: King Pelusa, and will also feature the presentation of Lore Jiménez, Nicolás Villa and Willy Magia.

“We want ordinary people to also be able to access this type of shows freely and free of charge, as a way to democratize culture and favor access to these artistic manifestations,” said Mariano Almada, Secretary of Culture and Youth.

The official also highlighted the decision of the mayor Martín Llaryora to take these shows to the neighborhoods of Córdoba, thus facilitating the meeting of people with artists.