A few weeks ago, Lore Jiménez announced that she had to undergo an operation for a tumor in her brain. Although the artist clarified that it was a benign tumor, it had to be removed because it brought her some complications in her daily life, such as dizziness. “I have to undergo surgery for a benign tumor in the headabehind the ear I am asymptomatic, they discovered it for a moment Covid that I had dizziness, but I controlled it during the year and it grew”he began by saying at that time.

Finally, on November 28, she underwent surgery, the moments before Lore herself was accompanied by her closest relatives. Finally the operation was successful and her sister was in charge of confirming it: “He finished the 5 and a half hour surgery. They removed the tumor from his head. It was a complex surgery. Now he went to therapy for more control. The whole family is here waiting for his recovery”said Natalia.

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Now, in the last few hours, the boss’s daughter posted a photo of the scar left after the intervention on her Instagram account. Along with the photograph, she wrote: “For you, another like in my life. Here we continue! Long live the joy of being there!”