Geraldine and Pablo, two of the artists of the show, spoke on Espacio Canal C and told us everything about the work that they have been presenting in the mountain village this summer season 2023. “Los Gorky” are a family of circus artists represented by various characters from the world of Disney, who decide to embark on a fantastic journey to a magical island to hire a new artist. There they will live a great adventure when they meet King Kong, a monkey over 4 meters tall.

It is a magical and very complete work, with great performances, choreographies, gigantographies, puppets, among others. It is performed by various artists who established themselves in 2022 as winners of the Carlos Award in the category of best children’s show.

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“We are doing, not one show but two shows, a double bet. We are making ‘King Kong’s Giant Monkey’ with all the Disney princesses, you don’t know what they did to bring it because it is four meters high”, explains Pablo about the new commitment that L10 Producciones brought to Villa Carlos Paz.

In addition, the artist tells us about the other show they are presenting this season: “Friday, Saturday and Sunday we do our other show ‘Lady Bug and Stitch’s trip to the moon with the princesses’, starring my 15-year-old daughter ”.

It should be remembered that both shows can be enjoyed at Teatro Bar, Wednesday and Thursday you can see the play ‘King Kong’s Giant Monkey’ and from Friday to Sunday ‘Lady Bug and Stitch’s trip to the moon with the princesses’, both Works are carried out at 20:30.

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