Villa Carlos Paz presents a varied theatrical grid for this summer. One of the works that promises to be a hit this season is “Los vecinos de arriba”, starring Esteban Prol, María Fernanda Callejón, Gastón Ricaud and Adriana Salonia, directed by Fabián Vena.

The proposal is a comedy that reflects on life as a couple and sexuality through two couples who live in the same building.

The journalist Rubén Alvaráz was present on Espacio Canal C and gave details of an exclusive interview with the actor Esteban Prol. “I am happy, because this season there are colleagues that I love very much and I hope we all do very well,” said the artist.

Regarding the reception of the public, he exclaimed: “I’ll take tonight’s show. People applauded, laughed, got very hooked. We are surprised and grateful. Everything that happened was exciting.”

Finally, he assured that the work is “incredible”, since “it makes us connect with love, the couple and prejudices”.

Watch the full interview: