Sometimes love doesn’t last forever, and not all couples are happy. That is why sometimes the endings are the kickoff for the birth of something much better and positive. This was demonstrated by a woman who went viral on social networks for telling how happy she was to do the shopping on her own in the supermarket, among other experiences that being single gives her.

Aida Sedano “La Abuela” is quite a sensation in TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. The woman said that after many years of marriage she ended up divorcing and admitted that she is now happier than she ever was with her now ex-husband.

A few days ago Aida published a video in which she recounts how the experience in the supermarket has changed since she is back alone: “If I wanted a melon, (he told me) ‘And why do you want a melon, I don’t like it’. So we didn’t put it on. And now that I can come to the market and choose oranges, apples and eat whatever I want , I am happy”, illustrated.

The truth is that I am happy. It was very difficult at my age and after so many years of being married to leave the marriage, but now look where I am… I can walk the corridors for as long as I want, grab it, if they are tomatoes, if they are apples, juices, what I want to take. I no longer have someone to tell me ‘do it, don’t do it, sit down’”counted.

Aida also recounted that“It wasn’t easy, no, making adjustments to my economic budget, well, of course, he kept everything and I just kept my small pension, yes, but look at me I am happy, relaxed, content, I sleep well, completely healthy… you have to live and let live. If possible”.

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