a few months of the premiere of the feature film “Paula”, its protagonist received recognition as Best Actress in Egypt. Lucía Castro is the Cordoba woman who embodies the main character in the film by director Florencia Wehbe, who participated in various festivals throughout the world. For this reason, the young artist spoke with Mimí Spicher on the Spich program on Radio Rock & Pop Córdoba FM 87.9 to tell the details of her incipient career.

Lucía pointed out that the character she played represented her in various aspects of her own life. “It was not easy. How significant it is that these stereotypes that mark us for life are encouraged from childhood. I went through many similar things before entering the movie, and for me starring in “Paula” was raising my voice, telling a little of my story. It was also my first film, it was quite a path to experience and it was challenging,” says the young actress.

Regarding his own artistic construction, Castro said he was shocked when he received the award. “It was very beautiful, when you do what you love, you don’t know what happens next. You just give yourself to work. It fills you to see people’s response. Flor and I received a lot of messages saying that the film helped them, not only for the experiences but also for understanding the illnesses, what one says”.

Those interested in seeing the film in Río Cuarto can see it until March 22 and on April 11 it will be broadcast at 8:30 p.m. at the Cineclub Municipal in the city of Córdoba.

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