In the midst of the legal battle between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado, the economist aired on Partners of the show (eltrece) and said: “I want to say it with all the letters, Matilda Salazar is not my daughter. I accompanied her at the time. Luciana decided to make a decision that I respected and supported while we were a couple. But that ended 4 years ago. All the commitments I made were when we were a couple. I am no longer one and, therefore, I do not have any commitment to fulfill, apart from those that I fulfilled, which were many”.

Given Redrado’s statements, Luciana Salazar asked to go on air during the broadcast of the program to give her version of the events. “Martín Redrado is lying in absolutely everything with this issue, in a shameless way. It is a lie that you have no obligations. He has obligations for many years. And there is a signature under a public notary”, Salazar explained furiously.

In reference to the statements that Luciana herself had made about an alleged sexual abuse, the media said: “I said that many times he advanced on me not being together and I had to stop him, obviously after I stopped him he did not continue. This I mentioned it at the time to my lawyer, Cuneo Liberona, and he told me ‘that’s an abuse’, since I had to say no several times”.

“I believed that he is doing this because I did not agree to things that he wanted, and by this I mean many things and among those things may be sexual,” Salazar sentenced.