Luis Fonsi in Córdoba after three years • Channel C

By Natalia Medina for Channel C

A 23-year career that, without a doubt, was marked by great musical hits that many generations sing about. Luis Fonsi presented his latest album “Perfect Night Tour” and clearly reviewed his main hits. The show was planned at the Amphitheater in the town of Villa María, but later it was suspended, moving it to Córdoba Capital.

Eager to step on this stage, Luis Fonsi gave a warm recital, beginning with songs that made us dance, to his best-known classic romantic ballads. A Quality Space invaded by couples in love, its recitals have anecdotes of many love stories that were born there.


Of course, the classic “Despacito” was not lacking, which was a worldwide success, breaking records five years ago. The entire audience sang the song in unison. There were moments of ballads, with songs like “Who told you that”; “I do not give up”; “Here I am”. Also dance songs, such as “Calypso” and “Échame la culpa”.


Fonsis Angels -Luis Fonsi fan club in Argentina- was present in Córdoba. They took a direct flight to our province and tomorrow they travel to Buenos Aires, Luna Park. More than thirty women from all over the country who have followed the singer since his beginnings. In the front row, and with a particular outfit, they sang out loud, all the songs.


I don’t miss the chorus of “one more”. The singer returned to say goodbye to his audience to the rhythm of the song “Échame la culpa”. He then introduced – as he calls it – his “musical family”, his professional orchestra that accompanies him in each of his recitals. And so he thanked and said goodbye to Córdoba.

Photos: Sofia Recalde – Channel C