Given the definition of the official scrutiny, which will be announced this Wednesday, Luis Judge, who lost by three points to Martín Llaryora, declared in a radio interview: “We understand that you can go around because of the number of minutes that have been verified” in view of what was said, he continued: “I suppose that tomorrow (Wednesday) they will tell the mayor that he will be able to celebrate. Once we have the results, we will salute accordingly.”

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Before the official scrutiny, the national senator criticized the duration of the tally of minutes “There is nothing to celebrate (…) It is still a big deal that, 10 days after the elections, we do not have the real possibility of congratulating whoever won He also added “It is a shame that, after 25 years of government, they cannot organize a transparent electoral process in Córdoba”

Despite his complaints, Luis Juez affirmed that he will have a “positive conduct” in his work in the legislature. “For everything that benefits the people of Cordoba, they will have the support of Together for Change”