Luis Juez, candidate of Together for Change in the elections for governor of Córdoba, has publicly acknowledged that he will not be able to reverse the result of the elections. In an interview conducted this Wednesday, Judge expressed his resignation in the face of defeat and stated: “It’s over, that’s it, I have no hope that he can reverse it.” In addition, he announced that next week he will visit the mayor, Martín Llaryora, to greet him and acknowledge his victory.

Meanwhile, in Córdoba, the final count of votes for the gubernatorial election began. According to the provisional results, Martín Llaryora, candidate of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, has an advantage over Luis Juez. In this context, Judge admitted that it is unlikely that the results will change and that he will accept Llaryora’s victory “when Justice does things accordingly.”

Despite the defeat, Judge was willing to respect the process and recognize the final result. However, he stressed the importance of transparent scrutiny and in accordance with the law. The Juntos por el Cambio candidate hopes that Justice will fulfill his role and guarantee the correct control of the votes before officially confirming the victory of his opponent.

Video: Radio La Red AM 910