The businessman, who has governed that Cordoba city for four years, decided to get out of the possibility of a second term.

He Mayor of Jesús María, Luis Picat, announced this Sunday declined to run for re-election in the upcoming municipal elections. In a message posted on his social networks, Picat, who came to power four years ago in an alliance confirmed by the Radical Civic Union (UCR) and the Independent Neighborhood Party, announced that he had decided to drop the possibility of running for a second term.

“When the majority believes it is essential, in Jesús María we achieve that there is no personalism, but leadership, collaboration between people and a lot of work in each achievement we achieve,” he began by pointing out in a Post on your social networks.

“Following my convictions and what my parents instilled in me, I made this decision,” Picat said, commenting that he will not stand for re-election after four years of his administration against Jesús María.

In this context, he stressed that the mayors “should not speculate with the times, putting the neighbors hostage.” “Following my convictions and the values ​​that my parents taught me, I have decided that I’m not going to apply to a new election to be a candidate for mayor,” he announced.

The candidate of his space would be the current Secretary of Government of the city, Federico Zárate.

The national deputy Rodrigo De Loredo highlighted the decision of the mayor of Jesús María, Luis Picatto give up his candidacy for re-election.

“A new way of doing politics is possible, in which the collective, the general interest, ideas and projects prevail, above individualities.” “Luis Picat is a successful businessman who brought development to the north of Córdoba and one of the most modern and important pork slaughterhouses in Argentina. He knew how to represent the interests of the agricultural sector like few others when he was in charge of the Sociedad Rural de Jesús María”, explained De Loredo.