Dr. Marcelo Brito explained that his client, Marcelo Macarrón, “is lucid and aware, they are doing medical studies on him,” he commented and added: “Last night, when he was taken to be admitted to the Medical Center, he asked us to please not cease the debate”, he told Puntal.

Regarding the state of health of Nora’s widower, the lawyer indicated that he was admitted to intensive care this Sunday and that this Monday there would be news about his state of health: “At noon they are going to do the studies to make a decision whether or not they should intervene,” he anticipated.

Previously, a delegation sent from the Courts will visit Macarrón in the place where he is hospitalized, to confirm if he is in a position to endorse the restart of the hearings, which is scheduled for today the appearance of four policemen, as witnesses of the case.