After confirm that he will not be a presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, Former president Mauricio Macri spoke on Radio Rivadavia and said that after his retirement he hopes that “My votes remain within Together for Change”.

Without specifying whether he will support Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta or María Eugenia Vidal, Macri assured: “I trust the leaders we have and that in the PASO we are all aligned with the same objective, which is to move the country forward. The candidate is the least of it, what matters are the ideas,” pointed out, and emphasized that we must “put aside the personalisms”.

“They are sick with rancor”, shot about the ruling party. He said that the leaders of the Frente De Todos “they don’t take charge” of what happened in recent years and that “They cannot accept that poverty is what is wrong. There is 40% poverty.”

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About the agreement Sergio Massa regarding the alleged adjustment to retirees, said: “More of the same. I say it for the last time: Minister Massa, surprise us. In this terrible end of this government, do something that will serve the Argentines. Not for the next government, but for the start that we Argentines need A brake on waste”. “To really lower public spending, which we are understanding is what leads us to poverty. Act responsibly. The only ones who have suffered the consequences of this disaster were retirees. They have to have an adjustment according to inflation and leave to use the state for one’s own benefit”pointed out the former Buenos Aires Head of Government.

Regarding investments in the country, he described the situation as “complex” and said that “You have to build trust so that the weights don’t want to leave. Those who are there don’t leave because they won’t let them.” “Hardly was such a painting seen with the monumental debt”he pointed.

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