This Monday at noon the former president Mauricio Macri questioned the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretafor his decision to promote concurrent elections this year in the city of Buenos Aires.

“I agree with María Eugenia. What a profound disappointment”expressed Macri before the post of the national deputy and presidential candidate Maria Eugenia Vidal, before Patricia Bullrichcurrent president of the yellow party, will accuse Rodriguez Larreta of manipulating the electoral rules four months before the Open, Compulsory and Simultaneous Primary (PASO) scheduled for the next August 13.

“We are the change or we are nothing”, remarked Vidalafter the mayor formalized the voting modality planned for this year in the Buenos Aires district. “The PRO and the JvC that we promised the Argentines is not this. There is no personal ambition that can be above our values ​​and the team. We are the change or we are nothing”, insisted.

For his part, bullrich public:“It’s very simple: coherence and conviction are the values ​​we defend”, and he recalled, even attaching a video from November of last year, when the mayor of Buenos Aires assured that “It’s wrong to change the rules. It’s cheating.”

earlier this monday Rodriguez Larreta confirmed that the city of Buenos Aires will vote on the same days as in the national elections, but with electronic ticket, in a concurrent choice system. The procedure was anticipated this Sunday by Argentine News.

In the city, the PASSED will be held on sunday august 13the general elections October 22and if a second round is necessary, the November 19th.