This Sunday Mauricio Macri posted a video on their different communication channels to announce that he will not be a candidate in the presidential elections. An hour later the first reactions began to be known.

After the criticisms made by the ex-president in his video of just over six minutes against the national administration, the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, was the first to react against the Pro referent. In this sense, the presidential spokesperson, he responded by tweeting “Isolated from the world” with a series of photos where you can see the current President with different leaders.

The official’s message refers to the fact that in the recording where the path was paved for the candidates of Together for Change and they ran out of the presidential race, Macri was hard on the course of the Casa Rosada. He said that “we are adrift, without driving, isolated from the world and alone”, and assured that this situation causes him “anguish in the middle of his chest”.

The support of Together for Change (JxC)

The Auditor General of the Nation, Miguel Angel Pichetto, regretted the decision of Mauricio Macri because “he is still the most important man in the party, in terms of political leadership and international knowledge.”

For her part, the holder of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, he noted that it “confirms his greatness and generosity”. At the same time, he confirmed that the leader prioritized “the interests” of the country “before their own”. Furthermore, he claimed that his candidacy is “ratified and strengthened“.

Finally the Buenos Aires Head of Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretamaintained that it was a choice “of great courage” and clarified that in the same way it will be part of the opposition project beyond the position.