This Tuesday, former President Mauricio Macri visited the Capital of Cordoba in order to join the campaign of the formula Rodrigo Loredo (UCR)-Soher El Sukaria (PRO), prior to the elections for the mayor of the city that will be held on July 23. The trio visited a square, in the Alejandro Centeno neighborhood, where they held a meeting with the neighbors.

The former president said: “I am supporting Rodrigo and Soher, who inspire me a lot of confidence, they are two young leaders with new ideas, desire, transparency and attributes that we Argentines want for a new stage that begins on December 10”

Macri expressed his support for the initiative of the radical with respect to the police force: “I think it’s very good, really good that the people of Córdoba have their own police, that police control be in the hands of the mayor closer, who is closer than the governor to his citizens” In that same line he also said; “The City of Buenos Aires worked and we had to do it alone because Kirchnerism did not accept the constitutional mandate to transfer a police force”

Having said the above, Mauricio dedicated a few words to Martín Llaryora, current mayor of the city and governor-elect of the province, who makes up the party of “We do for Córdoba”: “I hope that the governor agrees to transfer him to the police so that Rodrigo can take charge and that the city recovers its tranquility”

Regarding the gubernatorial elections on June 25, Mauricio read them and said “It was a very even choice, which is good for Cordoba politics. (Martín) Llaryora will have to govern in a new reality without an absolute majority and with dialogue with the opposition. That will generate that he govern better ”. Furthermore, he maintained that “Almost half of the people of Cordoba trusted the Judge and the other half considered that it was better to continue with the ruling party. We Cordovans are wise”

Finally, he criticized Larreta’s move to support Schiaretti: “Schiaretti’s flirtation with Rodríguez Larreta subtracted, because it was out of time. Things cannot be done with five minutes remaining. It seemed to me a lack of respect for the Cordoba”