Despite the great secrecy that exists around the new edition of the International Festival of Peñas, some details were known about the most important celebration in Villa María. The first one is related to the date on which the event will take place, it will be from February 10 to 14.

In addition, from the organization they announced that there will be a large number of international and national artists, and they confirmed the first artist that will be part of the grid of the 2023 edition. She is the Cordoba singer Magui Olave, who would perform on Monday, February 13 in the municipal Amphitheatre, on quartet night, as it was in the 2022 edition.

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On the other hand, the announcement of the complete grid will be next week. Until now, they have been working on the contracts and the payment of the signs to the groups and singers that will be present in one of these five nights.

On the other hand, the organization has not yet confirmed the price of the tickets. Although they affirm that they are already working with banks to be able to incorporate some promotions in the ticket sales conditions once the complete grid is announced.