The North Market published its usual ‘Roast Index’, through which it relieves the update of the prices of the basic inputs to make a barbecue for ten people in three variations: with beef, pork and chicken.

In the month of December there was a rise of 8.52%. The steer roast, the one used as a reference for the general index, had a cost of $12,100 for 10 diners, at a rate of $1,210 per person. The same preparation but with beef cost $14,994; with pork, $12,600; and with chicken, for $7,250.

It should be noted that in all cases the final value includes meat, vegetables for salads, charcoal, bread, drinks (with and without alcohol), and dessert. The historical data for the year 2022 is that in January, the average of the roast index was $7,900, which means that the value of the Argentine classic practically doubled.

Fabián Lattanzi, manager of the Mercado Norte, explained that “meat increased around 4% in December, below the inflation expected for the month. The most important increases were those of vegetables, coal and beverages, which had an impact on the general index”.

Another piece of information that emerges from the report is that there was a good level of demand for the New Year’s Eve festivities. “Sales were 25% above the previous year. People took advantage of the relative stability that meats showed throughout the second semester,” Lattanzi said.

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