This Friday, Deputy Governor Manuel Calvo aligned his opinion with that of Governor Juan Schiaretti, who spoke at an event at the UBA Law School and He said that “While Peronism is imprisoned by Kirchnerism, it is difficult for it to propose rational things”.

“I agree with the governor’s words that Kirchnerism has trapped the Justicialist Party. We believe that we have a different way of governing, with the construction of something different to which we must be encouraged, we have all the will to do it, “he said.

Calvo also pointed out that this “is going to allow us to get out of this Argentina of cracks that the only thing it does is to keep Argentines more and more separated.”

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“We were never part of Kirchnerism at the national level, and we are part of a political force that has strong roots in the province of Córdoba and its inhabitants. That is why we have carried out different government programs that have to do with thinking about the people, and with an administration that provides certainty and clear rules for those seeking to invest in the province” and to “generate dialogue to be able to grow,” declared the lieutenant governor.

Finally, Calvo indicated that if Schiaretti is running as a candidate for president for the 2023 elections, “it is a decision that he is going to make, but I aspire as the political leader of the space that my governor leads, for Juan Schiaretti to be a candidate.” .

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