Lieutenant Governor Manuel Calvo visited the Salsacate sports center this Friday, where several dozen people took refuge after being evacuated from their homes due to the risk of the advance of the forest fire. It was within the framework of his transfer to the town of Tala Cañada to supervise the work to extinguish the fire that is affecting a part of the department of Pocho.

The president pointed out that “the big job” What did the authorities and firefighters do? “It has allowed you to be here and have not had any personal risk. Know that from the Provincial Government, together with the mayor, legislators, and each of the municipalities that have been affected by the tragedy of the fires, we are going to accompany them”.

He also highlighted the work of the Minister of Social Development, Juan Carlos Massei, and Carlos Vignetta, the person in charge of the Fire Fighting Plan. “We flew over the area, seeing the great work that the firefighters did. We appreciate that they are here and that happily they are all well. I know that they really want to return to their homes. Vignetta is making a permanent evaluation of the situation so as not to have risks . Today at 7:00 p.m. we are going to be with you here again to see if we can start with the possibility that you can return to your homes.”