Invited by the Local Open Government Partnership (OGP), Deputy Governor Manuel Calvo participated in a meeting, where he held a working meeting with the aim of presenting the progress made by the Legislature of the Province of Córdoba in its strategy, from of the methodological support carried out by OGP during its administration.

In Brussels, the Deputy Director of the Alliance for Open Local Government, Rudi Borrmann, received Manuel Calvo, who presented the recently concluded action plan together with civil society organizations and universities from the province, as well as the commitments delimited in it, to be fulfilled until December 2023.

“We have promoted a work agenda with a vision of an open legislature, based on the pillars of transparency, innovation, and links with society. This commitment has been institutionally strengthened through our adherence to the Declaration on Parliamentary Transparency promoted by the Latin American Network for Legislative Transparency; as well as the International Open Data Charter, which establishes a set of principles and good practices for the opening of information by governments”, explained the deputy governor.

Manuel Calvo requested the formal entry of the Legislature as a full member of the OGP • Channel C

In addition, Manuel Calvo detailed some of the main advances made since the Legislature of Córdoba in terms of Open Parliament: “We created the Legislative Data Management Directorate. In terms of innovation and technological transformation, we implemented the Digital Legislative Management System. Also in this line we approved the Digital Transformation Plan and with this process the Digital Entry Table, the Digital Signature for legislators and officials, and the Digital Employee platform were implemented. On the other hand, -continued the lieutenant governor- “we work on the design of processes of openness and transparency, to publicize the legislative work in an accessible way for all citizens. Also, and together with the Legislative Directory Foundation, we carried out in 2021 the measurement of the Latin American Legislative Transparency Index, being the first subnational parliament to do so”.

The lieutenant governor expressed his intention to be full members of OGP, “since we consider that it is a way to promote this agenda in subnational parliaments and we believe that our organization is the main vehicle through which this ambitious project of transformation can be driven.” of parliamentary institutions.

“It would be an honor for the Legislative Branch of Cordoba to be part of an alliance of governments, parliaments and civil society organizations, working together to strengthen parliamentary transparency, innovation in public management, and the promotion of citizen participation in the processes that take place in the public administration”, concluded Manuel Calvo.

For his part, Rudi Borrmann was interested in the different initiatives that are being carried out in Córdoba to add greater citizen participation and transparency to the provincial Legislative Power.

“They presented us with the first action plan made with the OGP structure and standards and three commitments to implement. And we will continue to collaborate with Córdoba also within the framework of the work carried out in the Open Parliament Alliance, where we are seeking to promote these policies much more”, said the director of OGP Local.