A new change in Alberto Fernández’s cabinet took place on Monday night. This time, the Undersecretary of Communication and Press of the Nation, Marcelo Martín, resigned.

Martín had started working at Casa Rosada since December 2019, under the command of the Secretary of Public Communication, Juan Pablo Biondi. It is expected that his position will be replaced by someone from the team of Gabriela Cerruti, the presidential spokeswoman.

After Biondi’s resignation in the midst of a controversy with Vice President Cristina Kirchner, Marcelo Martín continued in his position and established a close relationship with the President. However, they warn that his relationship with Cerruti became more and more tense and that led to his resignation.

Marcelo Martín, Undersecretary of Communication and Press of the Government resigned • Canal C
Marcelo Martin and Alberto Fernandez

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