Marcelo Tinelli began the countdown to return to the air on the screen of Channel 13 with a new format, Sing with me now. In dialogue with Partners of the Show, the host announced what the new program is about: “It is a singing format, tested worldwide with 100 juries there live, everything is recorded.”

In relation to those who were going to take the place of jurors, the former president of San Lorenzo expressed: “There will be some acquaintances, it is a matter of who you give more participation to, they could be from Cristian Castro and Puma Rodríguez to Coti and my daughter Cande to other strangers.

Although the date is not fully set, in principle the program will air next Monday, July 25. Regarding the participants, Rodrigo Lussich asked him if they would be celebrities or unknown people, to which Tinelli confirmed: “We did a casting in the interior of the country and we have obtained some impressive talents.” “The level is very good and the number of people on the jury is impressive, as a driver the look up from having everyone there is going to be impressive,” said the driver.