The singer and leader of “Los Enanitos Verdes”, Marciano Cantero, died this Thursday at the age of 62, as a result of a kidney condition that was complicated in recent days and for which he had been hospitalized since the end of August at the Clinic of Whose from the City of Mendoza.

The health picture of the bassist also became even more complicated on Wednesday, according to those close to the musician. In that sense, they removed his kidney and part of his spleen, for which he was in intensive care.

Horacio Eduardo “Marciano” Cantero Hernández, such was his real name, was born in Mendoza and is remembered for being part of one of the mythical national rock groups, such as “Los Enanitos Verdes” -his other two companions were Felipe Staiti and Jota Morelli (founder Daniel Piccolo was in the band until 2009)-.

Among his greatest hits are “The Green Wall”, “I saw you on a train”, “For the rest”, “A friend is a light” and “Bolivian Lament” (originally from the rock group Alcohol Etilico, also from Mendoza), among others.