The current national deputy for the Province of Córdoba and president of the Unión Cívica Radical Córdoba, Marcos Carasso, was confirmed as Luis Juez’s running mate, ahead of the provincial elections on June 25.

The presentation was made at the limit of the closure allowed to make the candidates known. Carasso was preferred by Judge and Mario Negri, given the refusal of mayoral candidate Rodrigo De Loredo, who instead promoted Luis Picatthe mayor of Jesús María.

Regarding the list of legislators, there are postulates: it begins with the Carasso; Brenda Austin; Oscar Agost Carreno; Karina Bruno; Gustavo Bottasso; Gloria Pereyra; Michael Nicholas; Alejandra Ferrero; Walter Nostrala; Viviana Martocchia; Jose Bria; Ariela Spain; Ignacio Salas; Daniela Gudino; Matias Gvodenovich; Nancy Almada; and Gregorio Hernandez Maqueda.

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There was a lot of noise this weekend: the departure of Javier Pretto from the local PRO, who aligned himself with the Peronist ruling party as Daniel Passerini’s candidate for deputy mayor, caused the party’s repudiation. The PRO issued a statement in which they stated his rejection of Pretto’s decision to “follow personal interests” and added that “We call on all sectors that participate in the election to be responsible, prioritizing the democratic values ​​that inspire us”.

His place was taken by the also candidate for legislator, Oscar Agost Carreño, who was also made official this eventful weekend.

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